An evolving project

Image 14-03-2016 at 14.23Having engaged with representatives of the community and other stakeholders, the project has grown beyond simply a sculpture. Following an unsuccessful application to Arts Council England for part-funding of  The Oyster Sculpture, the team was faced with two options – either to drop the idea and walk away or accept the challenging advice from professionals and other stakeholders who said, “It needs to be more than just a sculpture”.

Within The Team are the skills and determination to listen to the people of Falmouth and to create an outcome which helps address the need for regeneration of forgotten parts of the town and its maritime heritage. The Harbourfront Plan could be a catalyst for that outcome. Reference is made to a document published by a group of volunteers in 2004 called Falmouth Harbourfront – A Way Forward, which has a synergy with this plan.

Download (PDF, 2.35MB)

The vision for the project has not changed – to raise awareness of Falmouth’s Maritime Heritage and Current Maritime DNA. Other adopted visions for the future of The Harbourfront are contained in  The 2017 Falmouth Neighbourhood Development Plan which include:

  • Public ‘Boardwalk’ Promenade right of way linking The Prince of Wales Pier and Church Street Car Park
  • Improved Ferry Access
  • Refurbishment of The PoW Pier
  • Decontamination and regeneration of The Church Street Car Park (ex-gas works) site
  • Additional marina capacity accessed from The Church Street (Gas Works) Car Park site

IMG_2027The team have worked on a voluntary basis from 2013 to date involving key local stakeholders, who have helped influence its direction. The project has been a trigger for educational involvement. Cornwall College Students from the Camborne Campus helped create a 1/8th scale model of The Oyster Sculpture – chosen as a mascot for the project. Having first spent time at The National Maritime Museum Cornwall, In April 2016 it ‘came home’ to Cornwall College to be located in the foyer of The Marine School, Falmouth.