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The Native Oyster is an iconic part of Cornish culture with its epicentre in the historic harbour town of Falmouth.

What could be more relevant to Falmouth than a beautiful and striking embodiment of the Native Oyster. Good art tells a story and this proposed sculpture brings with it tales of historical culture, local economy, sustainability and initiates new stories in accompanying education projects all about the Native Oyster.

As well as an educational and cultural centrepiece, the sculpture could join the ranks of internationally recognised public art, bringing visitors from all over the world, boosting tourism, business and awareness of the unique fishery in Falmouth.

Funded by monies earmarked for Public Art projects, the sculpture will be something for, and of, the native oyster fishery and surrounding community.

The Oysters shown on this page were given to The Artist by a Fal Oyster Fisherman, as inspiration for the sculpture form.