Learning Opportunities

Education and learning are fundamental parts of our vision. During 2013 and 2014, a group of studentsNMMC Education from Cornwall College participated in building of a 1/8th scale, working model of the sculpture. Other students worked on engineering CAD drawings and computer graphic image (CGI) video footage.

The project ongoing will present opportunities for students and the general public to interact with other activities initiated by The Oyster Sculpture Trust (The Trust) – made possible by the presence of this striking piece of public art.

National Maritime Museum Cornwall

Preparation and delivery of educational material designed for school parties. Including NMMC Settingdemonstrations, interactive displays, drama and field studies.

A tidal clock, video display screen and information point will offer the opportunity for groups of visitors to be informed about the importance and all aspects of the Cornish Native Oyster, it’s habitat and its interaction with tidal flow. The sculpture’s programmable movement and lighting will be available for ‘reprogramming’ by students during selected educational projects – being returned afterwards to its ‘automatic mode’ in cycle with the tide.

The possibility of an oyster growing project, in conjunction with The Duchy Oyster Farm trading as Wright Brothers and Falmouth Marine School, is being assessed to see if it may be viable to operate an oyster culture facility, run from a site adjacent to NMMC, which currently hosts a display of oyster fishing boats and equipment.

Cornwall College

StudentsFour areas of interest have been identified by the college for potential study, who see the potential for those topics being linked to real job opportunities for their graduating students. Departments of Engineering Technology, Information Technology and Software Development, Creative Arts and Marine Science are all represented within The Oyster Sculpture Project.

  • Engineering Technology
  • Materials and designs suitable for a marine environment
  • Developing capable structural and aesthetic designs from an artist’s creative vision. During construction, it is anticipated that students will be involved in the construction of signage and illustrative panels to compliment the sculpture 
  • Information Technology and Software Development
  • Live link webcam installation for interaction with stakeholder websitesComputer code
  • Developing program code to build applications for projects interacting with smart phones and tablet computers
  • Computer programming of automata and machines in general
  • Creative Arts
  • The role of public art in creating a location of distinctiveness
  • Choice of materials for public art – appearance, make-ability, links with local culture and heritage
  • Technology and design: the creative tensions
  • Marine Science
  • Environment and sustainability related to the life of the oyster – Falmouth Marine School, part of The Cornwall College Group, are looking at the possibility of involvement with The Trust to create a number of related oyster activities. One programme in particular, already been pioneered in USA, has created initial interest –  the growing and studying oysters from ‘seed’ to ‘spat’ to maturity, whilst observing their environmental contribution. The growing programme has the potential to be shared with school groups, locals and the visiting public.
Pendennis Shipyard LimitedBreakaway (Andrew Wright) (2)

UK’s premier architect, designer and builder of bespoke race sailing yachts in excess of 25 metres in length. Their industry supports many thousands of high-skilled careers. Pendennis works with Cornwall College to equip young apprentices with the knowledge and practice necessary for employment in this demanding industry. Building the Oyster Sculpture will present opportunities for skilled craftsmen, designers and trainees to develop their ability. Other specialist sub-contractors contributing to project will have the opportunity for their technicians and craftsmen to learn new skills from this unusual commission. The sculpture will be built to a high specification, incorporating materials, assembly techniques and components durable in a harsh marine environment. 

Falmouth Festivals

Discovery Quay, also known as Events Square, adjacent to the site of The Oyster Sculpture, is home to festivals throughout the year. The Trust aims to act in a liaison capacity to bring a focus through the sculpture to inform and promote understanding of the Fal Oyster. It will act as a bridge for educational and community stakeholders to participate in the public events. Theatre groups, school groups, students and others will be encouraged to take part.

Falmouth Art GalleryAutomata Galeon

The Trust hopes to work with the gallery on a number of arts related events connected to the building of the sculpture. It will present the gallery with a number of opportunities to raise its profile, continuing the artistic development work it currently does interacting with local school groups.

  • The tide and automata kinetic art
  • Falmouth has a heritage of automata, examples of which are on display in the art gallery. There is potential for the moving Oyster Sculpture to be a life-size inspiration for people wishing to learn how to make moving art forms
  • The possibility for development of educational materials and learning opportunities relating to The Oyster theme with reference to the schools’ key stage 2 curriculum
Special Needs Groups

It is hoped that community groups, including Holifield Farm Project (who will be supplying the timber for making the wooden blocks for The Truro Gauge Seat ), will participate in various activities and trips throughout the year 

The potential of the above activities has been identified and mapped out as a direct result of planning for the arrival of The Oyster Sculpture. Benefiting from linked educational activities, it has the potential to make a lasting contribution locally, nationally and internationally.